Just three miles off the seacoast are the St. Mary’s Islands, a tourist spot, (locally known as ‘Tonse-Par’ meaning, ‘beyond Tonse’), reachable from the port town of Malpe, by powerboat or country craft. In the delta of Suvarna, a group of about a dozen islands, covered with lush green coconut palms surrounded by clear blue waters adds to the natural beauty to the village. An impressive looking hanging bridge, which attracts curious visitors from far and wide connects one of the better-known islands, Thimmankudru to the mainland. House Boats are in the backwaters of Hoode.

The Hanging Bridge was constructed by 2 Karnataka Engineer NCC and the Bridge was named as Deepak in memory of a late NCC Cadet. The complete material for construction of this bridge was made available by local people from their own private funds, the bridge was designed by Officer Commanding 2 Kar Engg NCC and was constructed by NCC Cadets of REC Surathkal(NIIT), Manipal Institute of Technology and NITTE College of Engineering in the Year 1991. Total time taken to construct the Bridge was about 12 (Twelve Days). The Piers had been constructed by local villagers prior to this.

Rich Folk Dance Drama is an unsurpassed way of exibiting the themes taken from the Epics. Yakshagana means a particular style of music, with characteristics of its own, distinct from the other two systems of Indian music, Hindustani and Karnataki..

Apart from the periodical worship of these serpent stones, the devotees also arrange for a big ritual called Nagamandala. A representation of serpent spirit is made on the floor, by using powders of different colors….

Siri Jatre
It originates from the deep-rooted faith that the natives of Tulunadu have in the legendary Siri Kumar brothers. Its a unique Tuluva ritual organised annually on a full moon day in the month of march….

Kudubi Holi
The Kudubi is a tribal community. They are originally from Goa . Even after shifting their base to Karnataka from Goa, they have continued to celebrate their traditional festival, ‘Holi’ by preserving their unique customs….


Surfing – Shaka Surf Club 
The Shaka Surf Club aims to promote the sport and culture of surfing in India. The Shaka Surf Club is all about freedom in the waves, good vibes, not taking things too seriously and learning to just go with the flow….

Para Sailing
For those visiting Malpe beach, there is now the added attraction of parasailing. If you are adventurous, you should not miss the thrill of parasailing. The Karavali Adventure Club has been providing parasailing facility at the beach….

Lush green forests, free flowing rivers, unforgettable experience, and an opportunity for nature lovers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts to explore and experience. It is one of the exciting and thrilling white water experiences of South India…

Kambala – the most beautiful sport dear to the cultivating community which means the racing of buffaloes in wet fields, which could later be used for growing paddy. The buffalo-race is held after the rainy season gets over…

Water Scooter
One of the most adventurous water sports in Malpe and St. Mary’s island is Jet Skiing. The sport is one of the most popular in Malpe and many tourists try this sport to set their adrenalin rushing.Jet skiing should surely thrill you in Malpe.



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